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Security Services in Saudi Arabia & Bahrain

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Security Services and Solutions Providers

Protecting people, property and data requires an integrated approach to protecting the environment at all levels. To this end, We at NASTECH carefully selects the appropriate hardware, software and infrastructure components to develop a fully modified security services solution custom-made to your specific needs.

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Firewall Setup Solutions

Firewalls greatly enhance the security of corporate networks, helping organizations protect assets and data from malicious attackers. However, proper firewall configuration is essential for this.

Firewall configuration involves configuring domain names, Internet Protocol (IP) addresses, and performing various other actions to keep the firewall secure. Firewall policy configuration is based on network types called ‘profiles’, which allow you to set security rules to prevent cyber-attacks.

Network Security and Solutions

Protect and strengthen your business with integrated network security solutions for DDoS protection, WAN-as-a-Service and Firewall-as-a-Service. network security solutions aimed at fighting the latest security threats, including data breaches, intruders, and other related threats.

Internet and Email Security Solutions

Develop easy-to-manage strategies, reduce costs, and anticipate potential attacks through robust email security solutions in Bahrain and Saudi Arabia. Minimize disruption in the event of an attack and enable rapid recovery of data and email. This helps you secure your internet and emails so only authorized users can have access

Data Backup and Recovery Solution

Our cyber security solutions also include data security services to protect your valuable information and ensure compliance with relevant data protection regulations and laws. We help you protect your data through efficient backup solutions and in case you lose we also provide recovery mechanism.

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