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Cybersecurity Compliance Certification (CCC)

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Saudi Aramco Cybersecurity Compliance

Saudi Aramco Cybersecurity Compliance Certification (CCC) – SACS-002

In May 2020, Saudi Aramco, often known as the Saudi Arabian Oil Company, released the SACS-002 Third Party Cybersecurity Standard (CCC). In order to safeguard Saudi Aramco against potential cyber attacks and improve the security posture of these Third Parties, this standard attempts to define the minimal cybersecurity standards for Saudi Aramco Third Parties.

All Third Parties who interact with Saudi Aramco through contractual agreements are subject to the SACS-002 (CCC). In addition to more particular criteria for those providing ICT-oriented services like network connectivity, outsourced infrastructure, crucial data processing, or software customization, it also outlines general obligations that apply to all Third Parties.

There are two primary sections in the SACS-002 (CCC): General Requirements and Specific Requirements. These sections specify the actions and policies that Third Parties must take in order to comply with Saudi Aramco’s cybersecurity standards.

Aramco Cybersecurity Compliance

Aramco Cybersecurity Compliance Certificate (CCC) Support

Several companies offer technical infrastructure support to expedite the process of obtaining a cybersecurity compliance certificate for organizations seeking to collaborate with Saudi Aramco. These suppliers assist with establishing the necessary infrastructure required by SACS-002 and can help optimize costs associated with achieving compliance.

It’s important to understand that the compliance certificate is not an end in itself, but rather the culmination of successfully implementing the cybersecurity standards outlined in SACS-002. The certificate itself serves as verification that a Third Party has established the necessary safeguards as mandated by the standard.

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Aramco Cybersecurity Auditing

Aramco Cybersecurity Auditing and Certification Providers

Organizations can leverage auditing and certification services to ensure their compliance with SACS-002 (CCC) and obtain the coveted cybersecurity compliance certificate. These service providers boast expertise in evaluating a Third Party’s cybersecurity measures and verifying their alignment with Saudi Aramco’s standards.

Collaboration with such auditing and certification bodies allows organizations to undergo thorough assessments of their cybersecurity practices. Furthermore, these services can provide valuable guidance on any necessary adjustments to meet Saudi Aramco’s strict criteria.

Cybersecurity Compliance Certifications CCC

Cybersecurity Compliance Certifications CCC Audit Checklist

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